Jeff Bailey 
(PI)  received his MD and PhD from Case Western Reserve University. His PhD was in genetics examining segmental duplication and copy number variation as part of the initial Human Genome Project. His main research interest is understanding host and pathogen interactions and human immunity. He has been interested in malaria since his days in the Peace Corps when he was a volunteer in  Liberia and Botswana. He is focused on computational biology as well as coupling new techniques to answer important questions related to basic biology and direct application to medicine and public health.  Brown faculty page

Nick Hathaway (MD-PhD Student) is focused on developing and applying  novel bioinformatics for rapid  analysis of variation in mixed and polyclonal infections. He has developed SeekDeep providing single base resolution clustering of amplicons and novel local assembly method PathWeaver to explore complex regions of the genome.  He has graduated  and is in forth year of medical school waiting for the match.  Impressively, he is still finding time to pursue research within the lab and with other collaborators.

 Ozkan Aydemir (Instructor) has been developing  molecular inversion probe (MIP) technology within the lab and applying it to multiple Plasmodium sequencing projects as well as to human copy number variation in projects related to severe malaria and  Type 1 diabetes. He is at the heart of both our wet-bench and computational approaches involving MIPs

Cliff Oduor (Postdoctoral fellow) is purusing EBV genomics and its role in Burkitt and other cancers.  He transitions between Brown and Kisumu Kenya overseeing our projects there. 
Deborah Chin has recently joined us as a research assistant to add more throughput to the lab.  She graduated with her BS from University of Rhode Island
OJ Watson (Postdoctoral fellow) recently joined after finishing his PhD in infectious disease modelling at Imperial College London. He works primarily on malaria, developing statistical models for analysing parasite genetic sequence data.
Karyna Atha (Undergraduate student) is pursuing a degree in Immunobiology at Brown University. She hails from Mumbai, India and is fascinated by Global Health research. She is currently working on her thesis project, which focuses on the serologic differentiation of Type 1 and Type 2 EBV.
Rebecca Kirby (Undergraduate student) is is studying Immunobiology at Brown University with an interest in the intersection of biology and computer science. She is working on analyzing the spatial clustering of infectious diseases including malaria and acute respiratory infections.
Priya Chohan (Undergraduate student) is pursuing a degree in Biology (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) at Brown University. She is from London and Singapore. She is currently working on her thesis project which involves extending the HLA triSNP haplotypes to determine genetic linkage associated with an increased risk of type 1 diabetes. 
Sin Ting (Abbie) Hui (Undergraduate Student) is concentrating in Health & Human Biology at Brown University. Her research interests involve infectious disease genomics and distributions and immunology. Her current thesis work focuses on interactions of Type 1 and Type 2 EBV that drive infection dynamics within the host. Outside of the lab, her hobbies include cooking, writing, and exploring.
Aris Paschalidis (Undergraduate Student) is currently a junior at Brown University pursuing a degree in computational biology. He has a wide range of experience in machine learning and computational biology research and is currently working on how to effectively measure within individuals the number of genetically distinct Plasmodium lineages, the complexity of infection (COI). 

Arranged in order(ish) of appearance in the lab.

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