Jeff Bailey (PI)  received his MD and PhD from Case Western Reserve University. His PhD was in genetics examining segmental duplication and copy number variation as part of the Human Genome Project. His main research interest is understanding host and pathogen interactions and human immunity. He has been interested in malaria since his days in the Peace Corps when he was a volunteer in  Liberia and Botswana. Brown faculty page.
Cliff Oduor (Postdoctoral Fellow) is purusing EBV genomics and its role in Burkitt and other cancers.  He transitions between Brown and Kisumu Kenya overseeing our projects there. 
Deborah Chin (Research Assistant) driving MIP throughput in the lab.  She graduated with her BS from University of Rhode Island.      
  Rebecca Kirby (Undergraduate) is is studying Immunobiology at Brown University with an interest in the intersection of biology and computer science. She examing emerging drug resistance to malaria in Rwanda.
Eddy Agwati (MS student) is pursuing his masters at Maseno University in Kenya with his primary advisor. He is working on EBV genome analysis focused on recombination.
Sin Ting (Abbie) Hui (Pathobiology MS student) in Pathobiology at Brown University. Her research interests involve infectious disease genomics and distributions and immunology. Her current  work focuses on interactions of Type 1 and Type 2 EBV that drive infection dynamics within the host. Outside of the lab, her hobbies include cooking, writing, and exploring.
Aris Paschalidis (Bioinformatician) is a computational biologist who graduated from Brown University and complete in honors project in computational biology  he is working to improve methods for prediction of complexity of infection and improve MIP pipelines.
Titus Maina (Pathobiology PhD student) examining human papillomavirus variation in the context of cervical cancer.
Rebecca DeFeo (Research Assistant)

David Giesbrecht (Postdoctoral Fellow)   joined the lab recently after completing a PhD focused on mosquito reproductive biology and development of RNAi delivery methods at the University of Manitoba. Previously he studied insecticidal wall liners for malaria control in Liberia and tick borne diseases in Tanzania. He holds a BSc in zoology from the University of Manitoba and an MSc from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.  

Kazen Gallman (Undergraduate) is working in the lab helping build pipelines. Originally worked with us as a high school student and we won't let him go.

Karamoko Niaré  (Postdoctoral Fellow) completed his PhD in molecular and cell biology of infectious diseases at WACCBIP/University of Ghana and Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), Kilifi. He completed another PhD in parasitology at Malaria Research and Training Center (MRTC), Mali.  He works on malaria, studying the genetic diversity of Plasmodium falciparum and its impacts on naturally acquired and vaccine-induced immunity.

Yousef Elgodamy (Undergraduate) is studying biochemistry and molecular biology with a recent interest in computer science. Currently investigating evolution of the GARP vaccine candidate.

Ijeoma Meremikwu (Undergraduate) is a computational biology concentrator at Brown. For an honors thesis, she is investigating the identification and location of T-cell and B-cell epitopes in the Plasmodium falciparum proteins.
Issac Kim ( Computational Biology MD-PhD student) recently completed his third year of medical school and is excited to begin his PhD in the Bailey lab. He completed his undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics-Computer Science at Brown. Throughout the past several years, he has conducted biomedical informatics research in racial health disparities in issues ranging from genomic sequencing efforts to the opioid crisis
Sawyer Smith (Pathobiology PhD student), Currently working on falciparum drug resistance in Uganda as she formulates her  ultimate dissertation plan. 
[AfnanPhoto]Afnan Nuruzzaman (Undergraduate)
[CecilePhoto]Cecile Schreidah (Undergraduate)
[Ashlin Harris]Ashlin Harris (postdoctoral fellow)
Neeva Wernsman Young (Biotechnology MS student)
[AbebePhoto]Abebe Fola (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Arranged in rough order of initial arrival to the lab.

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