Lab Past

Former Lab Members (alumni)

Starting with most recent departure..

Jonathan Kpaka (masters student) is pursuing his masters at University of Ghan with his primary advisor Anita Ghansah. He is examining circumsporozoite variation and the interplay with HLA.
Savannah Lewis (postbac intern) is helping out with developing amplicon panels while awaiting starting her PhD at Stanford.  She completed an honors project in Biology examining Methods in Population-wide Surveillance of Anitmalarial Drug resistance in Plasmodium falciparum. 

Karyna Atha (Undergraduate student) is pursuing a degree in Immunobiology at Brown University. She hails from Mumbai, India and is fascinated by Global Health research. She is currently working on her thesis project, which focuses on the serologic differentiation of Type 1 and Type 2 EBV.

 Ozkan Aydemir (Instructor) has been developing  molecular inversion probe (MIP) technology within the lab and applying it to multiple Plasmodium sequencing projects as well as to human copy number variation in projects related to severe malaria and  Type 1 diabetes. He is at the heart of both our wet-bench and computational approaches involving MIPs

OJ Watson
 (Postdoctoral fellow) recently joined after finishing his PhD in infectious disease modelling at Imperial College London. He works primarily on malaria, developing statistical models for analysing parasite genetic sequence data.

Nick Hathaway
(MD-PhD Student) is focused on developing and applying  novel bioinformatics for rapid  analysis of variation in mixed and polyclonal infections. He has developed SeekDeep providing single base resolution clustering of amplicons and novel local assembly method PathWeaver to explore complex regions of the genome.  He has graduated  and is in forth year of medical school waiting for the match.  Impressively, he is still finding time to pursue research within the lab and with other collaborators.

Patrick Marsh (Laboratory Manager)  Patrick  drives wet bench work including molecular inversion probe captures and high-throughput sequencing.
Peter Owuor (MA) studied the role of single nucleotide variation in the risk for Burkitt lymphoma as well as malaria genetics and was jointly mentored with Ann Moormann.  He is currently a graduate student at UMMS. 

Mercedeh Javanbakht Movassagh  (PhD )  focused on exploring the role of EBV across a variety of associated cancers and in the role of EBV genetic variation. She analyzed large-scale public cancer genomics  data to more sensitively detect the role and influence EBV.  She is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Haravard.

Jennifer (J) Moon  (PhD Student) is primarily in the Lawrence Lab being co-mentored in bioinformatics.  She is delving into the role of repetitive elements and noncoding RNA in pluripotency and Down Syndrome. Since leaving UMMS we are continuing to collaborate but no longer co-advising. 

Srinivas Niranj Chandrasekaran (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2016-2018)  extended algorithms for copy number typing using targeted sequencing. 
Guang Zhao (graduate student 2012-2017) investigated the role of non coding variation in ALS. His project involves analyzing  previous GWAS with more recent  whole-genome sequencing and targeted genotyping and experiments to investigate the role of non-coding regions in disease susceptibility. He is now focusing on computer science. 

Yasin Kaymaz  (PhD student 2012-2017) and worked on transcriptome analysis of Burkitt lymphoma as well as whole genome viral sequencing of EBV. He is now  working as a Bioinformatics Scientist at Harvard University.

Alice Tran (Research Assistant 2014-2016) worked on optimizing the MIPs in our lab and on the genetics of Babesia microti performing whole genome sequencing and analysis.  Currently, She she is pursuing her  MD-PhD  at Texas A & M College of Medicine

Derrick DeConti (PhD student 2010-2015) worked on characterizing segmental duplications and copy number variation within P. falciparum genome. He could also dance. He is currently a Bioinformatics Scientist at Dana-Farber Cancer Center.

Nick Blouin (Research Associate 2009-2012) worked as a technician in the lab and in addition to laboratory work pursued programming to a large degree.  He is an Implementation Consultant with EAC. 

Richard Lambrecht (Instructor 2009-2013) working on malaria copy number variation using array comparative genomic hybridization.  He is now currently teaching at Worcester Tech.

Group Photos from the Past


Left to right: Nick,Oz, J,Merci,Thomas, Jeff Niranj, Patrick


Left to right: Mercedeh, Ozkan, Patrick, Jeff, Alice, Nick, Yasin